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Dalrymple Plays Games in Rock Paper Scissors

What if you could kill someone with just a thought? What if your anger held deadly consequences for those around you? This is the basis of Rock Paper Scissors, the first book in the Lizzy Ballard series from West Chester, PA author, Matty Dalrymple.

Young Lizzy Ballard has the unique, and deadly, ability to kill with her mind. She doesn't want to hurt people, but when the teenage Lizzy gets angry, she lacks control over who becomes the victim of her wrath. Her parents, fearing that she'll be stolen away for scientific study, hide their daughter from the rest of the world. But someone wants to control Lizzy's ability and they'll let no one stand between them and the young girl.

Rock Paper Scissors is a complex game of cat-and-mouse that makes for a fast-paced, gripping, and oh-so-delicious thriller. Dalrymple weaves a tale that is almost as heartbreaking as it is riveting. She is particularly adapt at bringing the world around her characters to life. The scenes in the book often leap from the page, giving the reader a vivid sense of being there as the action happens.

Being the first book in the a series, Rock Paper Scissors ends with many threads left unresolved, which will send many readers scampering to get their hands on the second book in the three-book series. Rock Paper Scissors provides a unique and intriguing experience, and is worthy of a read.

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