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Book Review: INTO A CANYON DEEP by James Lindholm

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

Marine biologist Chris Black is attacked shortly after returning from his most recent research dive off the coast of California. Two against one aren't always bad odds for Chris, and he's able to fight off his assailants, even capturing one for the police. He soon learns that the attack was meant as warning: stop diving or else.

INTO A CANYON DEEP by James Lindholm

INTO A CANYON DEEP is the first book in the Chris Black Adventure series, written by James Lindholm, whose own background is remarkably impressive in its own right. More on this in a minute. The book features Chris Black, a marine biologist who is in charge of the Center for Marine Exploration in Monterey, California. He is well-educated, intelligent, and physically imposing when necessary. In Chris Black, Lindholm has created a character that is multi-facets and believable. You can sense the level of care and diligence that went into creating the character. It is obvious that Lindholm devoted a great deal of time in crafting his protagonist.

The book reads like a cross between a thriller and a basic marine biology textbook. Lindholm himself is a marine biologist from the southern Monterey Bay area with a background almost as impressive as his protagonist's. He frequently peppers INTO A CANYON DEEP with details about marine life, marine exploration, and diving in general. These tidbits, however, do not distract the reader from the plot of the book. In fact, this level of detail enhances the story and enables the reader's imagination to better visualize fictional world Lindholm has created.

INTO A CANYON DEEP is a wild ride, with energy and excitement that builds with almost every page. Unique characters and a great plot make this book a definite beach read for this summer.

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