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Book Review: THE DEAD WON'T TELL by S. K. Waters

When journalist Abbie Adams is assigned to write a story of a cold-case murder from 1969, she quickly realizes that Frank Wexler, the college professor who tanked her thesis and a member of a powerful family in town, is linked to the crime. As Abbie begins to piece together the events of that fateful night, the remaining living witnesses suddenly turn up dead. Will the truth behind a decades-old murder tear the fabric of the southern town apart?


Steeped with a rich southern setting, THE DEAD WON'T TELL is a solid debut from up-and-coming mystery writer, S. K. Waters. The book is full of unique and well-developed characters all with the charm you'd expect from a town in the South. In Abbie Adams, Waters has created a compelling and formidable female protagonist who will hopefully become part of a recurring series.

THE DEAD WON'T TELL weaves a number of intricate plot lines together to form a cohesive, intriguing, and entertaining mystery. True historical events are masterfully intertwined into the story, adding gravitas this already exceptional piece of fiction. The plot is slow burn build-up to an explosive ending that keeps the pages turning.

Overall, this historical mystery is an irresistible read that will not disappoint. THE DEAD WON'T TELL should be on every mystery lover's "To Read" list.


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