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Book Review: THE GHOSTS OF THORWALD PLACE by Helen Power

When Rachel Drake is brutally murdered, her spirit is trapped within a limited radius of the elevator where she was killed. As a ghost, she begins to explore the world around her, getting to know the lives and the secrets of the neighbors in the building. But not all is as it seems in Thorwald Place.


THE GHOSTS OF THORWALD PLACE is an intriguing paranormal mystery novel from newcomer, Helen Power. This book is unique and original with a cast of distinctive characters that brings the story alive. The main character, Rachel Drake, narrates the story from beyond the grave as she comes to know the darkest secrets of those who live in Thorwald Place and as well as watch helplessly as her best friend struggles to solve Rachel's murder.

There are many riveting personal dramas traversing through this book related to the lives of the residents of Thorwald Place, and Power brings them all to conclusion by the end of the novel, although not all of them as satisfying as others. The plot was gripping with rich complexities and enough twists to leave your head spinning. A real page turner.

With THE GHOSTS OF THORWALD PLACE, Power proves that she is a storyteller worth watching. Her voice is distinctive and fresh. It is an excellent debut and is worth picking up as a great summer read.


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