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Book Review: UNDERCARD by David Albertyn

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

In UNDERCARD, Tyron Shaw returns to his hometown of Las Vegas after spending eleven years in the Marines, but instead of a hero's welcome, he finds two of his estranged childhood friends in the local spotlight. One--Antoine Deco--is fighting in the undercard for the boxing match of the decade at the strip's hottest casino, The Reef. The other--Keenan Quinn--is a disgraced cop who escaped punishment after shooting an unarmed teenager and is the subject of an upcoming protest. Matters are complicated when Tyron encounters Naomi, the love of his life and Keenan's estranged wife. As the next twenty-four hours unfold, Tyron must reconcile a past he never truly understood with the consequences of present actions.

UNDERCARD is a riveting, roller coaster that starts at full throttle on page one and doesn't let up until the last page. Albertyn invokes a 24-esque style by spanning the storyline over a single day, and does it effortlessly. The conflict in the twisting plot lines is rooted deep in his characters' individual pasts and, as each thread unravels, it is apparent to the reader that there is much to still learn on the next page.

UNDERCARD stands out as a book that is extraordinarily poignant for current events. The shooting of an unarmed black teenager by Keenan--a white police officer--and the ensuing outrage and protests seem as if they were ripped straight out of yesterday's headlines. Albertyn compels the reader to face the repercussions of such an event on, not only the community, but also the life of a guilt-ridden cop who made the mistake of pulling the trigger. The perspective is one that is rarely seen these days in the news.

Albertyn's book is a gritty, fast-paced thriller with Sin City as the perfect backdrop. UNDERCARD is well written, compelling, and is an outstanding debut from an author that is destined to become a shiny star in the crime fiction genre.

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