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FIVE QUESTIONS ... with Daniel M. Yulo

Welcome to FIVE QUESTIONS. In this feature on my blog, you'll learn about new and exciting books from the author's themselves. You'll hear about the book, their characters, the inspiration behind the book, and other insider details. All through five simple questions.

Today, we are hearing from Daniel Yulo about his new novel MEETING SECURE, which is available now.

MEETING SECURE by Daniel M. Yulo

What is your new book about?

MEETING SECURE follows Anthony Star owner of a private investigation company that provides covert services to the FBI and NSA. Inside this company, Star has assembled a secret paramilitary unit called SECURE, which becomes involved in solving five unusual crimes. First, dolphins wash ashore dead from wounds inflicted by military weapons. A maritime foundation’s database appears to have been sabotaged for unknown reasons. In Norfolk, a police detective calls Star to help solve the murder of four sailors who just returned from a salvage operation along the east coast. Next, the Pentagon calls Star to find the source of a network breach, so he sends in two of his best SECURE analysts. Then the FBI contacts Star to tail a high placed employee suspected of espionage.

These investigations eventually lead Star on a race to find a group of North Korean terrorists who are planning to detonate a bomb in Washington. When the Pentagon employee is found dead in Virgina and the FBI suspect is killed in a car bomb explosion, Star begins to connect all the cases. Working against time, Star and his SECURE team must use all their high tech equipment and military knowledge to prevent a catastrophe that could kill the Secretary of Defense.

What makes your protagonist unique?

Anthony Star is a young, successful corporate executive of an internationally respected investigation firm. Although he is extremely wealthy, he does not flaunt his status. He goes to his office every day and treats all of his employees as friends. He also knows each of his team members closely and respects each of their unique talents. He is quick to delegate responsibility, having complete confidence and respect for his team. His most captivating trait is that he leads by example and takes on any challenge on a personal level. He is not afraid to investigate any case even if it is pro bono. But his most important trait is his deeply seated love for America and the protection of each citizen of the country.

What do you hope the reader takes away from your book?

I hope my readers are taken away from their day-to-day live and are immersed into another world where they are challenged to read the next page. I hope that anyone who reads my book will want to read it from cover to cover as quickly as possible because they want to follow the story. I want them to identify with one of my characters and need to know about them. Finally, I hope the readers finish the last page and say, “What come next.”

What's the most interesting or unusual thing you learned while researching for this book?

I actually learned a lot from researching data for this book. Since I tried to back much of my story on some fact or actual location, each chapter required extensive research. Actually, I spent more hours searching both the internet for data and finding actual locations as scenes for novel than I did writing a chapter. I some cases I actually traveled to a location to write about them. In the very first chapter, I did extensive research on ships sunk along the east coast. Finding one disaster that fit in with the story was not easy. In the end, I learned that research is the most important part of any novel.

Which is your favorite minor character and why?

My favorite minor character is Rebecca “Raven” Tait. She is a strong, intelligent, and accomplished person. She is capable of handling any situation and can meet any challenge whether it requires physical prowess or mental acuity. She is self-motivated, and confident in her abilities. Also, she is ready and able to stand by Anthony Star as an equal, ready to support him in any endeavor. She believes in their joint goals and has a deep seated love of her country and the freedom that we all have.


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