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In Memory of Sue Arroyo

The publishing industry lost a true pioneer. Sue Arroyo, the founder and CEO of CamCat Publishing, passed away suddenly at her home last week. Hers is probably not a name that much of the public would recognize. But to the almost one hundred authors published through CamCat Publishing, her name meant an opportunity to pursue a dream.

Sue Arroyo

I first met Sue in 2019 when she called to negotiate the rights for my third novel, DEAD AIR. CamCat Publishing was a brand new publishing house with no titles to their name at the time. I can't remember what had led my to submit my manuscript to them, but Sue reached out to say she wanted DEAD AIR as CamCat Publishing's debut novel.


As an established author with two books already on the market, moving to a new publishing company was risky enough, but to move to one that had not yet published a single book was fraught with uncertainty. So, why did I do it? Sue Arroyo is the answer. Sue's vision for CamCat Publishing was exciting, invigorating, and different. She wanted her publishing company to be author centric and collaborative, something that is not often seen in the publishing industry.


What Sue created was not just a publishing company, but a group of staff and authors that were more like family. The relationships that I've built with other CamCat Publishing authors is a direct result of the Sue's tireless efforts to create a unique organization within an industry that can be cutthroat at the best of times. Sue Arroyo was responsible for fulfilling the dreams of dozens of incredible debut authors, and taking some established names to the next level in their careers.


Sue's pioneering legacy will live on in the books that her company have published, and her vision lives on in the staff and authors of CamCat Publishing. Her vivacious energy and infectious passion for books will be dearly missed. I know her staff, as well as myself and her other authors are heartbroken by her loss.


Rest in peace, Sue. Thank you for all that you've done, and for the awesome opportunities you've provided. You will be missed.


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