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Tracks - An Audiobook Review

Tracks: Series 1 & 2 is an Audible audiobook to which I've recently finished listening. The show, originally produced and broadcast on BBC Radio 4, starts with a plane crash witnessed by Dr. Helen Ash. On her way to the airport to meet her father, Helen is the first person on the scene of the crash and quickly realizes that this was her father's plane. Through the program's first series nine episodes, the listener follows Helen as she investigates the crash, her father, and the dark conspiracy that hangs over it all. Series 2, sub-titled Strata, is a short two episodes in length and is set 36 years prior to the plane crash.

Tracks: Series 1 & 2 is a thought-provoking full-cast dramatization with a compelling story that left me sitting in my driveway listening until the end of the each episode. The voice actors are tremendous and the plot was loaded with twists and turns that sometimes left my head spinning. The first series was a particularly gripping thriller. Romola Garai, who plays Helen Ash in the first series, brings her character to life with her commendable voice acting.

If Tracks: Series 1 & 2 has any weakness, I'd say it was the second series, which feels more like an afterthought with the only tie to the first series seeming to be a voicemail message for Helen Ash. None of the characters from the first series appear in the second. Although the second series was good, it felt like a bit of a letdown after listening to the first series.

Overall, Tracks: Series 1 & 2 was truly brilliant. A Great story. Heart pounding effects. Great acting. Definitely an audiobook worth listening to.

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