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Audiobook Review: SECOND HAND CURSES by Drew Hayes

Have you ever thought that there may be more to your favorite fairy tale than what you know? Perhaps a fairy godmother lets you go to the ball, but plans to enslave you once you get your hands on the prince. Maybe the piper who solves your rat problem also steals away your children. When your fairytales don't go quite the way you planned, there is only one place you can turn for help. You call the band of scoundrels known as the Bastard Champions. They can fix just about anything . . . for a price. SECOND HAND CURSES is an Audible original production based on the book by Drew Hayes.

In SECOND HAND CURSES, Drew Hayes reimagines some of the most beloved fairy tales with an evil capitalist twist where everything has a price. The heroes, if you can call them that, are a trio of mercenaries with their own baggage to overcome. Their leader, Jack, is nimble, but why? Frank is "pretty well put together". And then, there is Marie who has her own beast to fight.

SECOND HAND CURSES is quirky, witty, and surprisingly touching at times. It is a fun ride to follow the three protagonists on their journey, but tragic at the same time as you learn who each really is and how their lives became intertwined. For this audiobook, Audible selected to use three voice actors to portray each of our heroes. The variation on the voices added a unique element you don't get in many audiobooks.

If you know your fairy tales, you'll be pleasantly surprised by the number of "Easter eggs" that Hayes places through out SECOND HAND CURSES. It is an enjoyable story, and the audiobook is an extra treat. Well worth a listen.


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