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Audiobook Review: STORM SHELTER by J. L. Delozier

When a hurricane threatens Texas, psychologist Dr. Persephone Smith is sent, as part of the disaster support team, to a disused airplane hanger on an old military base that has been converted into a storm shelter. It seems like it will be just another deployment for Persephone until a member of the support team is found brutally murdered in the dark recesses of the decrepit hanger. As the hurricane rages outside, it becomes apparent that the extreme weather isn't the only thing those in the shelter have to fear.

STORM SHELTER is the second book in J. L. Delozier's Persephone Smith series, but it takes place several years before the first book and gives the reader a glimpse into what led Persephone to become a criminal psychologist. Although this might lead to some confusion for a reader who has read the first book, it only comes as a mild distraction from the series. The book serves as an excellent prequel to the series with a younger, more naïve Smith as the protagonist.

Delozier adds authentic detail to STORM SHELTER based on her own experiences in disaster relief work and it helps enhance the overall story. The plot is tight, and enjoyable with a cast of characters that is as diverse as you'd expect to find in a disaster situation. This medical/disaster thriller was hard to stop listening to, and the explosive ending left me shocked, and longing for just one more chapter.

The audiobook was narrated by voice actor Katherine Brannan, who provided an emotional performance, and was well versed at varying voices to make it easy for the listener distinguish the characters. The combination of a riveting story and a seasoned narrator made this audiobook captivating and a pleasure to listen to.

If you're in the mood for a medical/disaster thriller, check out STORM SHELTER, either in paperback or audiobook.

I was lucky enough to interview J. L. Delozier back in 2017. You can read that interview here. Also, check out my review of the first book in the Persephone Smith series, TYPE & CROSS.


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