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Lisa Unger Thrills with "Crazy Love You"

Ian Paine has a problem, and her name is Priss. The successful graphic novelist has escaped his tortured past, and is desperate to make a new life for himself in New York City. But, he can't seem to escape the grasp of his childhood friend, Priss. When she's around bad things happen, and with a new love interest in his life, all Ian wants is to change for the better. But Priss has other ideas.

Lisa Unger's dark and twisted book, Crazy Love You, is a sinister story about addiction and obsession with a fast-paced, utterly unpredictable plot full of twists. The boo k, narrated by the most unreliable of narrators, Ian himself, plunges the reader into the chaotic world that is Ian Paine's life, spinning a riveting tale that follows his downward spiral into his own personal hell. Unger does a masterful job of intertwining Ian's past and present into a darkly twisted book that is gripping, as well as entertaining.

In Crazy Love You, Lisa Unger is masterful at giving readers a false sense of "I've got it all figured out", before yanking the rug out from under them with gut-wrenching surprises that throw the reader completely off-kilter. I found that I had to force myself to put the book down, otherwise I wouldn't have eaten or slept until I had reached the end. Crazy Love You is a psychological thriller of the highest caliber, and doesn't disappoint.

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