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Killer by Nature - An Audiobook Review

What makes someone evil? Nature or Nurture? It is a question that psychologist have tried to answer for decades, and is the central point of the Audible Original Production, Killer by Nature. This dramatized audiobook tells the story of Dr. Diane Buckley, a forensic psychologist how is drawn into a horrible murder when a body is found in a children's playground. The murder has all the hallmarks of a famous serial killer named Alfred Dinklage, better known as The Playground Killer. While her own family life falls apart, Buckley engages in a series of intimate one-on-one sessions with Dinklage, digging deep into complicated, and often manipulative mind, in hopes of understanding his past while working to prevent further murderers.

Killer by Nature is not your usual audiobook. It is an immersive experience, featuring excellent voice work as well as sound effects and incidental music. The story, although a bit too inundated with clichés, was interesting and suspenseful. Rob-James Collier was particularly superb in the role of Dinklage. His characterization of The Playground Killer was brilliant not to mention creepy. The subplot about the collapse of Buckley's home life was nicely interweaved within the story and reminded the listener of the impact that an involvement in a murder investigation can have on people.

Unlike most audiobooks, there is no physical book to pick up for more details. This production was an original script created by Jan Smith. The plot was a bit reminiscent of Silence of the Lambs. And, the final scene includes a revelation that might leave you with a OMG moment. One point for those interested in listening to Killer by Nature. It is not an audiobook that you can casually listen to. Some scenes are short and jump around. It can be easy to miss important points if you are not paying attention.

Overall, Killer by Nature is a suspenseful, if not a bit predictable, thriller. If you are looking for something to sink your teeth into during your commute, this might just be the thing. You can find more information about Killer by Nature here on Audible's website.

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