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Harlan Coben's Six Years

Jake Fisher promised to leave Natalie and her new husband alone. When he watched the love of his life marry another man, he was heartbroken, but he kept his promise, throwing himself into his career. Six years later, an obituary catches his eye. Natalie's husband is murdered. Jake, desperate to see Natalie again, goes to funeral. But the grieving widow isn't Natalie.

In his novel Six Years, Harlan Coben gives us a glimpse into the darker side of obsession. Jake is a college professor who has obsessed over the love of his life for six long years. He thinks about her every day. He dreams about her every night. He laments about how she left him for another man. Jake just can't move on. Coben weaves a twisted tale around an obsessive protagonist who convinces himself that what he is doing is for the best despite warnings that he's putting Natalie's life as well as others at risk.

Six Years is superbly written, and drags you deep into a story that gets darker with every page. Despite, at first, feeling as if Coben's protagonist is simply making one bad decision after another, I found myself eventually hanging on his every move as initial perceptions turn out to not be what they seemed.

Six Years is roller coaster of misdirection and a definite thriller of top caliber. It's well worth a read.

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