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Announcement - DEAD AIR finds a home at Equinox Books

Updated: Jan 22, 2022

It gives me great pleasure to announce that my next book, tentatively titled, DEAR AIR, has been picked up by Equinox Books. This will be the turning of a new chapter for me. A new book. New publisher. New editor.

DEAD AIR is the culmination of year's worth of work and is inspired by, of all things, a small pond in New Jersey. Helga Schier, Editorial Director at Equinox Books calls it "a fast-paced thriller with depth."

In the new book, Kaitlyn Ashe is a top-rated radio DJ who has a childhood secret that she has worked hard to bury. But when she starts receiving cryptic threatening letters, she realizes that someone else knows about her past. Fraught with guilt and shame over her past deeds, Kaitlyn’s life begins to unravel as the letters turn dangerous, threatening her and those she loves. When the threats lead to murder, Kaitlyn has no choice but to trust Detective Rodney Shapiro for protection and to help her find a killer. As the truth of her past life begins to emerge, Kaitlyn spirals toward a terrifying reunion at the one place where she hoped she'd never have to return: The Shallows.

"DEAD AIR features everything I love about psychological thrillers," says Dayna Anderson, associate publisher at Equinox Books. "Past regrets, revenge, mystery, and a strong female lead." The new book is slated for release on May 12, 2020.

I'm looking forward to working with Equinox Books throughout the publishing process to bring my third novel to life. If you want to keep up-to-date on the latest news about DEAD AIR, subscribe to my newsletter.


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