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Book Review: GHOST TAMER by Meredith R. Lyons

The sole survivor of a train wreck, Raely is grieving the loss of her best friend who had been on the same train. When she realizes that someone is following, someone no one else can see, she starts to question her own sanity. But as Raely comes to know her new ghostly tag-along, she finds that he might just be her only hope at fending off a demonic spirit that wants to destroy her life--and her soul.

Paranormal fiction is not my usual genre to read, but the premise of the GHOST TAMER intrigued me enough to pick it up. This book, Lyons' debut, does not disappoint. It is loaded with action, suspense, intrigue, snark, and ghosts. This isn't your usual ghost story though. It is a deeply emotional tale about finding the one thing you've missed all you life. It is about relationships, and grieving, and pulling one's self back to together after a tragedy. And it is about ghosts.

Lyons offers a well-developed cast of characters that shine from the first page and throughout the book. The novel is a fast-paced thrill ride that barely slows down once it gets going. The plot twists come at you from all sides, and you barely have time to breath between chapters.

But it isn't all just thrills. Lyons peppers the book with fantastic and witty dialogue between her two intrepid heroes, and an emotional twist really pulls at the heartstrings. GHOST TAMER is a refreshing take on the classic paranormal story that is an entertaining read for ghost story fans who want more than just a traditional haunting.


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