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Book Review: THE PHOTO THIEF by J. L. Delozier

Still reeling from his young daughter's death, Philadelphia police detective Dan Brennan takes on his first investigation since returning to the force: a socialite's fatal fall down her mansion's staircase. The dead socialite's daughter alleges her mother was murdered. Her evidence? The dead. Vintage photographs displayed on the mansion's walls have told her so. What should be an open-and-shut case becomes a twisted web of sordid secrets connected with a quartet of cold cases. Brennan's forced to make a choice: save his career, or risk it all for the chance to hear his daughter's voice again.

THE PHOTO THIEF by J. L. Delozier

THE PHOTO THIEF is a masterful blending of the traditional mystery and paranormal genres. Delozier once again proves herself as a master of plot twists and intriguing storylines. The intricate imagery throughout the novel works well to build the atmospheric tension and suspense. Set in Philadelphia, the book is filled with local landmarks and settings that come alive on the page.

Delozier weaves her tale around two characters, both dark and emotionally scarred. The interplay between the older Brennan and the teenage Cassie works well and is truly a highlight of the novel. An underlying connection between the two characters is well-developed and makes the overall book even more riveting.

THE PHOTO THIEF has it all; a truly devilish plot, and characters that come to life on every page. Delozier’s prose makes this paranormal mystery an utter joy to read. THE PHOTO THIEF is one of a kind.


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